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CardioBrief: “A Case of Plagiarism Raises Blood Pressures”

As discussed by Larry Husten on CardioBrief, a 2011 review article in Korean Circulation Journal appears to plagiarize from a 2009 article that was published in Journal of the American College of Cardiology.  I spent several hours comparing the two articles, and found that several paragraphs in the KCJ article consisted primarily of paraphrasing, without attribution, of text from the JACC article.  In addition, the majority of references in the KCJ article and two of the figures are the same as in the JACC article, and several of the headings are the same or very similar.  The KCJ article does not cite the JACC article at all. 

The JACC article is by Franz Messerli and Gurusher Panjrath.  The KCJ article is by Chang Gyu Park and Ju Young Lee.

Moreover, Figure 4 in the KCJ article appears to have been copied from figure 1 in the 2009 revised European Guidelines on Hypertension Management, although the figure instead references a 2006 study by Messerli and colleagues that was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

See Larry’s post on CardioBrief for more details.

Update:  Larry reports that the editor of KCJ contacted him to say that the article is now being investigated by the publishing committee of the Korean Society of Cardiology and that an additional investigation has been requested from the Ethics Commission of  the Korean Association of Medical Journal Editors.